Master's Degree Programs in Business

A master's degree in business from a quality university has many advantages. It can dramatically expand your knowledge of business, as well as provide greater opportunities for employment, promotions, and income. Just like undergraduate degrees in business, there are many types of programs to choose from. There are part-time and full-time programs, online and distance programs, and programs that offer dual degrees. There also are a variety of tracks and concentrations, from the popular MBA to specific programs in accounting, finance, and more. There are programs for executives, young professionals, and most everyone in between.

Is a Bachelor's Degree in Business Required to Earn
a Master's in Business?

No, you do not need a bachelor's degree to pursue a master's degree in business. However, if you hold an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than business, you will be required to take a set of prerequisite or foundational courses in business. In most cases, these courses are very helpful in preparing you for masters-level business studies.

Make Choosing a Quality Program Your Priority

Because of the demand for business education, business schools and business programs can be found by the thousands worldwide. However, not all graduate business programs will provide you with the skills you need. And, not all programs are recognized by employers and other institutions. The easiest why to avoid spending hours determining whether or not a school provides a quality graduate program is to look at its accreditation. If a university/college has earned AACSB Accreditation—a specialized, internationally recognized accreditation for bachelor's, master's, and doctorate business programs—it has passed a set of rigorous standards that evaluate faculty qualifications, curricula, missions/objectives, and many other items that are important in creating a high-quality business degree programs.

Featured Master's Degree Program

Washington State University

WSU has offered the MBA degree for more than 50 years, with graduates occupying leadership positions in all fields of business. Additionally, the College of Business was one of the first to offer online business education in the early years of the World Wide Web. Today, the school offers both the MBA and Executive MBA online. Both online programs offer an international experience option that enables students to travel abroad for 10 days, immersing them in many global business scenarios and introducing them to new colleagues and friends from around the world.

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